Scrap Prices Light Copper

Light Copper Scrap

Scrap Prices Light Copper


Scrap prices Light Copper

Light copper is often referred to as roofing copper or sheet copper scrap. Depending on the scrap dealer you will get a different price because some scrap yards will classify it as Copper #2 or Copper #3. Scrap prices light copper vary depending on the going rate of scrap price copper.

Light copper is worth less than Bare Bright Copper or Copper #1 scrap. It can contain miscellaneous copper solids like unburned hair wire, kettles, gutters, sheet copper, and foil. It must have at least 88% copper content remelt recovery rate. The ISRI code for Light Copper grade scrap is DREAM. If you are looking to buy or sell Light Copper check out the current listings on The Scrap Post.

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