Scrap Prices # 1 Copper




Scrap prices # 1 Copper


Scrap prices # 1 copper vary based on the weight, grade, and quantity of copper scrap. # 1 Copper must be free of solder, paint, corrosion and attachments. # 1 Copper can not be sheet copper or light weight gauged copper scrap. Take your # 1 copper to the nearest scrap yard to weigh your copper scrap. Ask them what they are currently asking for # 1 copper.

Scrap prices # 1 Copper

If you are looking for scrap prices # 1 copper you can find them using The Scrap Post COMEX scrap prices for copper. The scrap prices # 1 Copper vary depending on the scrap dealer you contact. Make sure you call multiple scrap yards to get the most money for your scrap # 1 copper. If you are looking to buy/sell # 1 copper check these listings out.

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