Scrap Metal Prices 500/750 Insulated Cable


ABOUT 500/750 INSULATED CABLE (500/750 MCM Cable)

 Scrap metal prices 500-750 Insulated Cable

500/750 insulated cable (500/750 MCM Cable) is a very good scrap metal to sell to your local scrap dealers. If you strip the copper wiring from the insulated cable you will make money from the copper. Scrap metal prices 500/750 insulated cable depends on the price of copper. A few examples of who comes across copper wiring are contractors and electricians. Many scrap dealers refer to the same scrap metals as different names and 500/750 series insulated cable is no exception. Depending on the area scrap dealers might refer to 500/750 cable as 500/750 MCM cable. Make sure you are knowledgeable of your local scrap yards prices to get the best deal on your scrap metal. The Scrap Post offers a variety of metal pricing information and scrap metal news.

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