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Inconel 825 Scrap

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Scrap Inconel 825 is a grade of Scrap Inconel. Inconel is actually a brand name given to this group of super-alloys. Inconel is a large group of nickel-chromium super-alloys, which were given the name Inconel by Special Metals Co. Scrap Inconel 825 is used where the climate elements are very extreme and other metals like stainless steel would not hold up. Inconel is used in high temperatures climates and high degree of corrosion.

Inconel is a heavy metal similar to copper scrap metal. It is worth more than scrap price copper due to the amount of Nickel it contains. Scrap price nickel can be worth up to three times as much as scrap price copper. Due to the high scrap prices Inconel 825 you will need to contact a highly regarded scrap dealer to sell your inconel scrap. Many scrap yards do not have the money to buy expensive scrap metals like Inconel. You can sell your Inconel 825 online to other scrap dealers around the world to get the best price inconel at The Scrap Post.

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