How To Buy Scrap Metal Online

Buy Scrap Metal Online

How To Buy Scrap Metal Online


Sell scrap metal online and buy scrap online


There are several factors that come into play when buying scrap metal. Scrap prices change depending on the type and grade of the metal scrap. You are also restricted to the contacts you have worked with in the past. Most likely you deal with scrap dealers in your area which limits the market in which you can buy scrap metal. Buying scrap metal online has become quick and easy.

The Scrap Post offers an online marketplace to buy scrap metal online. Once you are registered for The Scrap Post you will be introduced to the large scrap metal industry userbase. Our members include scrap dealers, brokers and consumers from the United States and Canada. No longer will you be limited to the scrap dealers in your area. No longer will you be forced to pay high scrap prices because of limited supply. Adding new connections across the country will help you buy scrap metal online for a lower price since more scrap dealers will be bidding for your services.

Using The Scrap Post is quick and easy.

How To Buy Scrap Metal Online: 

1. Register for a FREE trial with The Scrap Post. No Commission, Scrap Metal Trading Online

2. Once registered you can view the scrap metal for sale and to buy online.

3. Search for members in the scrap metal industry. You can find contact information and location of all of our members.

4. Post your own buy items you are looking to buy for all the other members to see.

Here’s How to Buy Scrap Metal Online

  • Want to buy 40,000 lbs of #2 Copper at this months $?
  • Post a Buy Price Listing for #2 Copper – 40,000 lbs. at a Price: COMEX minus (-) .10
  • The listing is then shown to all of our scrap metal sellers.
  • and receive offers from scrap metal sellers around the country.

Trying to make more money selling scrap metal? You can call your local scrap dealers one at a time and find out what they are buying copper for today. Depending on the scrap dealer, you’re going to get a range of scrap prices copper. They need to check the copper scrap before they buy it to make sure it is the metal grade they’re trying to buy. This can take a long time and a lot of effort to finalize selling scrap copper. Not only is it a lot of work but it you’re also limited to who you know and where they’re located.


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