Grading Copper Wire Scrap

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Grading Copper Wire Scrap

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Copper Wire Scrap or Copper Cable Scrap have  many different grades. Grading copper wire scrap vary depending on who is buying selling copper wire scrap. In general, the copper wire with the highest percentage of copper is worth the most money. Scrap metal prices online - Scrap Prices CopperScrap prices copper wire depend the scrap prices copper today

If you are trying to sell copper wire scrap online or buy copper wire scrap you should check out The Scrap Post Copper Wire Scrap buyers and sellers.  Before you sell copper wire you should know about grading copper wire scrap AND decide if you want to strip the copper wire yourself or sell as is. If you strip the copper yourself you will get the full scrap prices copper. If you sell as is the scrap prices will be lower because it has attachments and the scrap dealer will have to strip the copper wire.

Learn about Grading Copper Wire Scrap:

  • 85% Copper Wire – You should strip this wire yourself because it is very valuable. The copper wire is very thin.
  • 70% Copper Wire – Sometimes referred to as ROMEX Wire or Machine Wire without attachments.
  • 50% Copper Wire – This is found in cords like extension cords and appliances cords.
  • 30% Copper Wire – Have a good amount of attachments
  • 15% Copper Wire-  Grading copper wire scrap with 15% copper wire is typically Christmas lights

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