How to: Complete Your Scrap Post Profile

As of July 14, 2014, The Scrap Post changed the format of their profile page. Now, members are encouraged to fully complete their profiles. So why should you care if your profile isn’t 100% complete? Users whose profiles are complete are 40% more likely to receive traffic through The Scrap Post. Your profile completeness is directly correlated with how many times you appear in search results. As I said, this is a BIG change!

What makes your Scrap Post profile complete?


  • Name
  • Basic Contact Information


  • Name and Job Title
  • Basic Contact Information
  • Company Name and Additional Information (logo, description, size, locations, etc.)
  • Profile picture
  • Primary Business Interests
  • Specific Materials of Interest

The new and enhanced profile feature gives members more control over how they will appear in search results. For example, if a member identifies in their profile that they are interested or deal in copper-based items, they will now become visible to all copper-related searches done by other members. Scrap Post COO, Matthew Newman explains that “now members with available material for sale can quickly locate and identify relevant buyers for their items. The new search tool allows members to save precious time and easily filter out unwanted information from their search results.” Completing your profile is quick and easy. Just go to your profile page and complete the short form. There’s really NO EXCUSE not to have a 100% complete profile!

Is YOUR profile complete?

Due to the recent upgrades, The Scrap Post team strongly suggests you check your profile to make sure it’s complete. What may have been a complete profile in the past, is likely incomplete now.

How to check or complete your profile:

  • Select My Profile in upper right-hand corner
  • Click Edit Profile button
  • Edit Account Details if necessary
  • Ensure that all fields are filled out and applicable boxes are checked
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