Copper Scrap Metal

Copper Scrap Metal

Identifying Copper Scrap Metal

Scrap metal Copper

Ways to identify copper scrap metal:

  • Physical Characteristics:
    • Cooper is typically a brownish and red color.
    • When it oxidizes it create a green coloration
    • Pure Bare Bright Copper has a shiny glow
    • Non-Ferrous Metal (Non-Magnetic)
  • Weight/Density: Around 15% more dense than IronBuy sell scrap online and find scrap prices
  • Grades: Bare Bright Copper , #1 Copper, #2 Copper , #3 Copper (Roofing Copper), Light Copper
    • Bare Bright Copper – The best grade of copper and worth the most money. Is shiny and usually in the form of copper wire / copper cable.
    • #1 Copper – Clean copper with no attachments. Copper piping is typically #1 Copper
    • #2 Copper – Has paint, solder, and some contamination.
    • #3 Copper – Often called Roofing Copper or Light Copper. Least valuable type of copper. It is copper sheeting with containments and attachments like solder.
  • Usage: Used in wiring, electronics, cookware, transformers, motors, pennies and much much more.

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