Having Trouble Buying Copper?

Though we love what we do, there’s no denying the unfortunate situation at present: copper and other scrap prices are down in the dumps, which likely means you’re having trouble buying and selling your scrap. What it is important to remember, though, is that this seeming shortage is, in fact, a temporary issue that will resolve itself with the slightest market fluctuation. Folks are holding on tight to their scrap, because probably fewer than a few of us bought at low enough prices to be turning any kind of profit in the current metals climate. There’d be no point in trying to sell.

having trouble buying copper

However, as soon as we see the slightest rise in copper prices, we’ll also be seeing the subsequent selling of potentially long dormant copper surplus, the owners of which are going to be all too eager to finally be able to capitalize on. So, before we all lose hope over the current state of copper, just take a deep breath and think “patience,” because that’s what you’ll need to see this bit of trouble through. And when we finally make it out of the storm and into the light at the end of the copper tunnel, your days of having trouble buying copper and other scrap metals will be no more.