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Sell Copper Wire Scrap

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The Scrap Post is the #1 online scrap trading website. We have more buyers and sellers of ferrous, non-ferrous, e-scrap and usables than any other scrap metal trading website. If you are looking to sell copper wire scrap you should visit The Scrap Post Marketplace and see buyers and sellers of copper wire scrap. Copper wire scrap is one of the most profitable scrap metals to sell. You should find today’s scrap prices copper online before you look to sell copper wire scrap.

Scrap metal prices online - Scrap Prices CopperScrap prices copper wire depend the scrap prices copper today. For the best place to sell copper wire scrap online or buy copper wire scrap visit The Scrap Post Copper Wire Scrap buyers and sellers.  If you want to get the most money for selling copper wire scrap you should know about grading copper wire scrap AND decide if you want to strip the copper wire yourself or sell as is. Below is an example of a Scrap Post Member selling their scrap copper wire online. This is one of the many types of copper wire scrap called Insulated Copper Wire or ICW.

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