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The Scrap Post is the #1 website for scrap metal sales online. The Scrap Post is a unique and innovative approach to scrap metal sales online. We vet all of our members to ensure they are respectable members of the scrap metal industry. Our members are scrap dealers, scrap metal brokers, consumers, mills, refineries, and industrial accounts.

The best part about The Scrap Post is we don’t take commission on your sales. We have your best interest in mind and the only way we benefit is keeping you happy. We offer an annual subscription fee for $399/year or a monthly fee for $35/month. We are confident you will make more money selling scrap metal online using The Scrap Post.Buy scrap metal online sell scrap metal today

Most scrap metal sales online take a commission based off how much you’re selling scrap metal for, who is buying scrap metal, and what scrap metal sales you make. We focus on one thing. Helping you find more people online to buy scrap metal from and sell scrap metal online. No matter how many scrap metal online sale you make you’ll never have to pay more.

Buy sell scrap online and find scrap prices

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