How to Sell Scrap Metal Online

Sell Scrap Metal Online

How to Sell Scrap Metal Online


Sell scrap metal online and buy scrap onlineTrying to make more money selling scrap metal? You can call your local scrap dealers one at a time and find out what they are buying copper for today. Depending on the scrap dealer you’re going to get a range of scrap prices copper. They need to check the copper scrap before they buy it to make sure it is the metal grade they’re trying to buy. This can take a long time and a lot of effort to finalize selling scrap copper. Not only is it a lot of work but it you’re also limited to who you know and where they’re located.

There is a better way: Sell Scrap Metal ONLINE

The Scrap Post is the best website to sell scrap metal online. All of the members are scrap industry members who are vetted to ensure they are respectable and honest professionals.

If you register for The Scrap Post 30 day free trial you can buy and sell scrap metal online and see how fast and easy it is. And did I mention you’ll get a higher scrap price? No longer will you be restricted to who you know and dealers in your area. The Scrap Post connect thousands of scrap industry professional across the US and Canada. The large amount of members allows you to sell scrap metal online to more scrap dealers than you ever could before. Since more scrap dealers are trying to buy scrap metal, you will get more competitive scrap prices.

How to Sell Scrap Metal Online:

1. Register for The Scrap Post (NO COMMISSIONS)

2. Post scrap metal to buy and sell online.

  • Selling? Add the commodity name
  • Quantity
  • Have a scrap price in mind? Or not, Ask for offers.
  • Add some pictures or description if you’d like

3. Watch the offers come in.

While you’re deciding which scrap metal buyer to sell scrap metal online to….

4. Check the other buy and sell listings to see what other dealers are offering.


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